Monday is market day for Marbella. Located at an esplanade over by the Las Albarizas area the Mercadillo, Barato or simply the Monday Market is always an experience. I am not particularly fond of this place, actually I am not particularly fond of this sort of markets in general, but every once in a blue […]


Few things in life are simpler jet more satisfying, food wise, than a good hamburger. Burgers quality has been lowered by fast food chains to the point that anything goes, and for that matter anything that looks a tad more healthy and a bit juicier that the factory made ones on the international chains slimes […]


Cuisine Paradiso Marbella represents all the good that comes form a home made meal, this tiny store is the quintessential of cookware, kitchenware and kitchen gadgets in Marbella. Home cooks and chefs from Marbella and the Costa del sol area rely on their expertise and products. Originally started right here as an online store […]


One of the great things about Marbella is the abundance of cool, exciting business that come to life in this great place. One would think that you will need to go to a big city to find this ort of variety and singularity but lucky for us we get the best of every tiny corner […]


Note that this is the classical gazpacho recipe from Andalucía, the one we make here in Marbella and its such and staple in the diet of any Spaniard during summer months. I know the world gazpacho has lately become extra cool and fashionist often use to describe any cold soup that has some form of […]


Some of the beauties of living in Marbella is that you get an exposure to other cultures and other peoples ways like if you were in a big city. Todays example is one of many that simply blows my mind and makes me love Marbella more and more. The “Poligono Industrial La Hermita” is a […]


When at the beach we often see the rather peculiar man pulling a pastry cart, dress with his impeccable white outfit, a matching hat, his orange mop and his unmistakable bell. He strolls, and “patrols” the east beaches of Marbella selling his “artisan” pastries A disclose note here: We have never bought them, to me […]


Summer its at its highest pick, the continuous heat waves and busyness that Marbella experience’s during this time of the year does not bring the best out it. Thankfully there are still something’s that remind us of this yearlong paradise. Take passion fruit for example. Our passion fruit plant its raving with the small delicate […]


We are proud to be starting this very important section of the blog with some true Andalucian entrepenurs, Laveta Ayeware. For us is quite important to promulgate local people and items, as we strongly believe in the Spanish ingenuity. Laveta (meaning the wood grain) is a young, sophisticated, well thought company, that features some pretty […]